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“this shit tastes weird” he complains as he rubs his lips. Occupying the computer was your boyfriend, Jungkook. • Genre: Angst, fluff. Jan 20, 2017 · For the past few times this has happened, however, you always had some unexpected company come over; at first, you didn’t mind your friends, and of course you never minded your boyfriend, but after last time where your friends literally filled the room with flowers, you decided to find a new place to hide. -He would always make sure you have the finer things in life. love/hate, angst, jealousy, kinks, etc can be requested. supposedly Boyfriend Swap {J. Reblogged Angst Imagines he becomes every rich daughter's dream: the perfect boyfriend to bring to balls,  Imagine the angst you could create by shipping Pearl and Bismuth in the switcharoo That being said, it wasn't easy having a boyfriend who was never around. Styles?” the secretary of your kid’s school had called you for the third time this week. Leather - Daughter!Reader x Dean Oneshot. Also, anonnie-non, I’ve written an Angst in the past that has Hanamiya in it as well. MASTERLIST - AJU IMAGINARY Here’s a list of all the imagines this blog has posted so far. And I think that Lawrence would be impressed at first, but then appalled by it, because Audrey II is a loud, vulgar, manipulative bastard, with no respect whatsoever for anyone, and it want to conquer Earth. Han (Jisung) as your boyfriend . • This is my first time writing something like this, then sorry for any mistake. BTW, the plant from little shop of horror is called Audrey II or Twoey for short. Content/Warnings: Angst; fluff. I’ve had a whole lot of stuff going on this year, but fingers crossed that re-watching every movie will help me get my fire back. I read allyour ship so don’t worry :). Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna Shawny imagines Hey all, just a fellow day dreamer of the lovely Shawn, goofy Dolan Twins and the Courageous Dean and Sam Winchester! Enjoy! Feel free to put in some requests and turn my notifications on. I nervously glanced round before plastering a smile on my face as he reached me. kpop - Minis ♡ Namjoon Yoongi Bts Bangtan Boy Taehyung Foto Bts Fanfic Kpop Fanfiction Bts Imagine Min Suga Read Minis ♡ from the story IMAGINES BTS - @bts. You did and didn't expect this to happen. So for a video one day you guys decide to swap boyfriends for the weekend. Imagine your ex boyfriend/ hunting partner getting jealous of how happy Angst. 1) ∙ passionate discussion about tv shows you watch together ∙ like there’s a certain time and place to watch at least one episode then you analyse that shit straight riverdale-imagines. Graciously, Jungkook had offered you his bed while he  13 Jul 2019 “No more pranks. . Hyung Line • Maknae Line BTS Reactions - Making you cry during a Fight (Angst) PART 2 . he knew he was teasing you, and he loved every single moment of it. but thank you for the request “I need to go to the bathroom,” Your boyfriend mumbled a low mmhm into your back as you slowly freed yourself from his embrace, pathetically dawdling to your bathroom. I. NCT Dream Reaction To Their S/O Sitting On Another Member’s LapA/N: This was requested forever ago, and I’m so sorry I’m posting it just now, but I hope you enjoy my lovelies🥺 ️ Mark: • This baby lion Oct 02, 2018 · angst imagines This is a blog dedicated to angsty imagines featuring a few celebrities but mostly 5 seconds of summer. N. I’ll probably end up writing these Soulmate AUs to be a little longer. You looked over to where Kaito’s body now was, blood pouring from the wound to the side of his head. “She’ll be fine for a few hours. Nagito Komaeda Boyfriend Headcanons (fluff + nsfw) “ I didn’t see any of this in the contributing list, but since I really love Nagito Komaeda—like, he’s freaking adorable and he deserves the best—and Best Friend and Boyfriend So guys i do requests for teen wolf characters, not the actors themselves, even if i do love most of the actors from the show. Feb 23, 2020 · Work Search: tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst This work is a part of my short one-shots/imagines based off Boyfriend to Death and Boyfriend to Death 2 See, that’s what the app is perfect for. It's kinda one of my favorite musical ever. summary: You hadn’t been feeling well all day and when your boyfriend Chanyeol came to pick you up for your date, things went downhill. And now I have to move out of NYC and back home because my grandma passed away. - The moment he realised he had a little hoodie thief was when his All Might hoodie went missing. • Brief: You are Heechul’s ex-girlfriend and your group decides to make an appearance in the Knowing Bros program, leaving the tension between you two very visible to everyone. And fast… Originally posted by porkdo-bi Multi-fandom Imagines You saw at the front of the group of serpents stood your ex-boyfriend, Sweet Pea, who towered over Archie. Aries: A T-Shirt, most likely his sprayed with your favorite cologne he wears on special occasions. there was a twinkle in his eye, a twinkle that only someone that was up to no good would have. Imagines and headcanon requests are welcomed. 18 Sep 2017 Shut Up (fluff, angst) “@hiccup-and-jack-frost : May I request a angst story It felt embarrassing to tell your boyfriend to have these 'therapy-like  Read • Too clingy • [ angst, mild fluff ] from the story BTS imagines and Scenarios it was because you hadn't seen your boyfriend Jungkook since last week. Many people turned and watched him running towards me, all of them whispering among each other. JB honestly did not care that she had a new boyfriend, but the  27 Aug 2019 boyfriend!soobin⇀ requested: yes ⇀ genre: fluff a bit of angst if you squint ⇀ pairing: soobin x reader lowercase intended I haven't posted any . ” Klaus was silent in thought before waving his hand for you to leave. This blog accepts spoilers! Spoilers will be under a read more and tagged as #ndrv3 Vernon Does the “Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge” Learn How to Ride a Bike with Seventeen Taken Care of When You’re Sick Haunted House with Seventeen Date with Seventeen Waking Up from a Nightmare You’re In An American Girl Group and You Meet Vernon Waking Seventeen Up // Chan/Dino (4) Breakfast with Seventeen No one says anything to Jeff about being the mysterious boyfriend, at least not yet, but the seriousness of the situation doesn’t stop the others from glancing at one another and mouthing did you know or what the fuck to each other. Besides, Kol and Davina won’t let her do anything stupid. This is a blog where I will reblog imagines that I like. A Hamilton Imagine Blog for all characters! Requests are open so ask away! As I, and others, have issues with the masterlist and prompts, here's another like to those. Part of you really wanted to just go home, take a hot bath, relax and go to bed, but the bigger part of you really wanted to see your boyfriend. 2 [Fluff] Moodboard Youngjae; Boyfriend Material. A. Originally posted by speechlesswithshawn “Okay, okay, okay, i got one. There is a little bit german in this part but the translation is right next to it so you should be fine. You knew it was probably Dean goofing off–the insistent knocking obviously meant to annoy you so you laughed as you shook your head and ran the short distance across the motel room to the door. " wolfpack imagines. I started reading and though your personality suited him a lot, you love manga, food, animals also cheerful and positive, and compromised with love, like V said in the past he wants a person that only looks at him and love him. Locking the door behind you, you starred at yourself in the mirror, the dark circles resting under your eyes becoming even more prominent as the days went on. kpop by BreOlliver (a mais neném desse site) with 7,022 reads. My Masterlist A List of Prompts IMAGINES BTS - @bts. You jumped up and smiled widely as you quickly left. Let me know in the comments, Which member should i do next? Do you want a fluff imagine or angst imagine? (c) music - butterfly bts instrumental wattpad: jeontaely. sidney crosby // name on your back a/n: double upload in honor of game 2 of the stanley cup finals tonight! let’s go pens!! warnings: none who: sidney x reader premise: you usually wear your twin’s Oct 03, 2016 · Hey y/n, where’s your boyfriend!?” Says a group of boys, all now clutching their stomachs in laugher. Winwin ♡Nothing♡ Jungwoo ♡Nothing♡ Lucas Promise Ring - Kihyun Angst Summary - The ring may have symbolized something to you, but it was nothing more than a mere accessory to him 1 Year Prior “Aww baby what’s this?” you squealed as you saw a Thanks for the question, I have three tattoos, one says stay gold, I got that because of The Outsiders, to me that has numerous meanings, it means to stay pure, to stay true to myself and also as a reminder that it’s okay to not be that way when things are rough, a reminder that I can get to a better stage in life. I think you and V will fit together. TOSHINORI YAGI. index masterlist archive menu Masterlist. “then why the fuck would you eat it!” you cried out loud, wiping away the smudge on the corner of his lips to which chenle uses to his advantage as he steals a kiss from you, catching you off guard once again. Read ⑦⑤. a/n: since i can’t write smut and i’m all fluffed out, here’s a deliciously angsty birthday gift for the amazing @lady-bakuhoe! happy birthday, lovely! utapri-imagines-scenarios: Find your UtaPri boyfriend based on your zodic HERE. Originally posted by macaroni-sly [10:13pm] You drowsily sit next to your boyfriend Jaemin on the bus, after a long day of volunteering together. This you had no problem with, but you did protest being left alone in the jeep because hello! horror movies were your favorite and you knew this Thanks for the question, I have three tattoos, one says stay gold, I got that because of The Outsiders, to me that has numerous meanings, it means to stay pure, to stay true to myself and also as a reminder that it’s okay to not be that way when things are rough, a reminder that I can get to a better stage in life. Hii!! Today is my bday and I was just wondering if you could write me a bday scenario for either tae, kooks, jimin, or Yoongi? :) you can choose whomever you'd like! ^^ I'd be happy with any length and any type of scenario, so long as there's fluff involved hehe Cx and my name is Sydney if you use real names, but if not Im completely cool with reader insert! :) please and thank you so much!! Apr 04, 2016 · Damon Salvatore Dancing with drunk Damon I love you I would never risk you Road trip Original hybrid Save me Family Kinky Old movies Dirty little secret Complicated Interrupted I couldn't save you Warnings: slight angst, bad relationship, tears ig, horrible writing . I’m on a two week rotation at work because of the Coronavirus. genre: angst (with a little bit of fluff at the end) word count: 782. I don’t know if you’ve read it but here’s the link in case!: Imayoshi & Hanamiya Angst Enjoy! (also quick apology for going M. ” You laughed. Your best friend happened to be dating Daniel Seavey. This is the request and then at the end when i danganronpa-imagines-and-doodles (fluff, angst, horror) CAN’T DO/WON’T DO you didn’t even notice your boyfriend sitting on the couch next to it. WHY WOULD YOU MAKE ME WRITE THIS. 15 Oct 2018 Genre: Angst You could tell your boyfriend felt at ease around him and the two of them always had so much fun if they were together. He returned the smile with his boyish smirk. ” Rebekah urged. -Your dates would be very elegant and classy. Jae step tf off he's my bias imma fight let's go right now square up seventeen seventeen scenarios seventeen joshua seventeen fluff seventeen angst seventeen imagines DAY6 DAY6 imagines day6 jae day6 scenarios seventeen kpop DAY6 kpop kpop kpop fluff kpop angst kpop twitter kpop idols bts got7 kpop scenarios kpop fanfic twitter twitter update Jun 13, 2018 · A quiz determining who your Creepypasta boyfriend would be! The results will include a series of scenarios. Hii!! Today is my bday and I was just wondering if you could write me a bday scenario for either tae, kooks, jimin, or Yoongi? :) you can choose whomever you'd like! ^^ I'd be happy with any length and any type of scenario, so long as there's fluff involved hehe Cx and my name is Sydney if you use real names, but if not Im completely cool with reader insert! :) please and thank you so much!! I turned and saw that the noise belonged to my boyfriend of 6 months, Katsuki. “My best friend and my boyfriend have to get along. Tom immediately got mad because he thought you were flirting with some guy. Hyung Line • Maknae Line BTS Reactions - Having a nightmare about you (Angst & Fluff) Hyung Line • Maknae Line BTS Reactions - You go on tour with them (Angst & Fluff) Dec 15, 2017 · I will be doing bts imagines here. wolfpack-imagines. Calm in The Storm - Yoongi (Suga) Fluff/Angst “Request: Could you do a BTS Suga imagine where he’s really stressed about work and he starts snapping at everyone and the others called you to calm him May 18, 2014 · Cuddles and Kisses-Anon Request Hello guys! I hope you guys enjoy this one, especially you Anon, sorry for the huggeeeee delay ^_^ Love, Sarah (C/n)=Crush’s name ‘Can you do a fluffy cuddling one? BTS Reactions - Making you cry during a fight (Angst) PART 1 . Broken Heart [Wonho - Angst] You probably erased me now You won’t be hung up on the past But in my memories It’s still only your face that whispered to me You woke up to the sound of the TV An Ocean Apart- Wonwoo Angst “Request: Hey can i request a wonwoo imagine about a long distance relationship. Chan: Shunned (minor angst, fluff the following is a masterlist of the following works made by me (greystarseokjin) i hope you enjoy all of my works. Aug 10, 2018 · I do not own any of the videos used all credits go to the right full owners. wolf pack imagines. Pairing: Katsuki Bakugou x Reader. Read Pregnant from the story Crush/Boyfriend Imagines by NicksStrawberries with 14,969 reads. x reader batfamily imagine batfamily imagines angst ♡I'm weak for red-haired anime characters♡ [REQUESTS CLOSED (ASKS: 17/20)] Heya fellows! This is @queen0fm0nsterz imagines blog! The fandoms I write about for now are Black Butler, My Hero Academia, Hazbin Hotel, Helluva Boss, Svtfoe, Deltarune and Wander Over Yonder! Master List Be Alright (Dean x Reader) There’s Always Tomorrow (Dean x sick!Reader) Back to Yesterday (sequel to ‘There’s Always Tomorrow’) Board Games and Brownie Batter (Dean x Reader with Boyfriend!Taehyung♡ ∙ squishy cheeks 25/8 ∙ you’d have 198738 pets and he would name them all, but you would never complain coz he cute ∙ even in the beginning of your relationship he would talk about The next few hours passed by slowly and after being on the phone finalizing everything for the party you were exhausted. “I know,” he said, “I met them two years ago. I. 2)♡ (Pt. You both loved helping others that were less fortunate than you guys, but you would be lying if you said that it wasn’t draining. Good reading! The whole point in coming to Beacon Hills was to meet your boyfriend’s father face to face instead of over Skype, but a call from your boyfriend’s alpha had you making a pit stop by the Preserve. last updated March 13, 2020 (philippine time) • One of Us ♔ - “You came home from a family vacation to surprise Roger in his flat, and little did you know you have to face your biggest nightmare…” 10:00 PM — “hold still!” you grumbled as you try to apply make up on your boyfriend, chenle. This was a request for @bi-pie67 for 7. See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Reblogged Imagines. ” your boyfriend looked up from his This is a lovely request! Thank you for requesting! Requests are open, if anyone else would like to have their own reaction or story done!! General warning on this, there will be mentions of racial slurs, though I will not use them. He didn’t bother planning a party as all he wanted was a day out with his friends, but when the Sinema nightclub had a masquerade night planned for that exact same night, Mason had begged him to go. He doesn’t suspect anything. Could I request something similar to the angst cheating request for Hinata, but instead it's Oikawa who cheated on his gf. Results include: Jeff the Killer, BEN Drowned, Eyeless Jack, Hoodie, Masky, and Ticci Toby. “What do you guys mean, I’m right here!” Jaemin says, smiling, without hesitation. submission rules: The submission box is always open! Please feel free to send your head canons/fantasies that do not require dribbles or reactions from me! Please try to be appropriate at all times! Today, Liam had finally turned 18. You fidgeted anxiously, wanting to move on from the topic. Yoongi (Fluff/ little Angst) Knight in Shining Armor (Angst/ Fluff) Namjoon Misses You (Angst) Don’t Listen to Them (Angst/ Fluff) Tom Holland (Boyfriend Imagines) - imagine Tom opened your phone and he goes to your cameral roll then he saw a photo of you with a guy kissing your cheeks. -He would buy you gifts like perfume and jewelry. He A/N: Brief little thing that’s sort of angst, but not really? It’s like the part two of a breakup angst piece i never wrote, where Y/N is living it up and doing great on her own. When you were dragged to the beast’s castle you were expecting to be locked away, not to be greeted by luxury and the mysterious boy who you must sleep with every night - maybe it’s all just part of the curse. WARNINGS NOTE: ♡ - fluff | ♔ - angst | † - smut | ♤ - none. Bambam. “I’m, um, I’m not speaking terms with them,” you admitted to your boyfriend. No summary here! Warnings: angst, cursing. that’s how you ended up meeting your Masterlist Headcanons, edits, icons, or other non-imagines are marked with * requests are marked with ! Tag ListImagines Asks Ships Requests Picture Edits ImaginesAlex Standall !Bi - Alex comes out as Suga Imagine; angst sweet ending No matter what promises he makes, he always breaks them in the end. he had just gotten home from practice and was absolutely slumped to the point that as soon as he walked through the door he didn’t even say hi, he just grabbed your hand & dragged you to the bedroom for a nap. “Oh he’s not my boyfriend. V. type and press enter to search "guess the wolf's out of the bag. There's this one girl that I really dislike and she's been hanging out a lot with my boyfriend," you  12 Aug 2018 Just another imagine blog. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna Hii!! If you're caught up to the manga then can I req Amajiki having an underclassmen crush (he's oblivious to his feelings for her tho) who comes up to him during lunch w some takoyaki she said she bought for him (she actually made em which is totally obvi with how bad they look and the cuts on her hands) and she feeds them to him? *///w///* Feel free to delete this if you dunno him though! Meet my Boyfriend * Thomas × Reader * Modern * Request: Can you do one somewhere along the lines of the reader is trying to avoid creepy men at a bar and so she asks either Thomas or Alexander to Anonymous said: Hello, can i request a drabble of angst? Can i get Hop and s/o having a big fight the day before s/o's final, and Hop says something very hurtful like: "I wish i would have never met angst w/ jeonghan scenario You seem to always get this way. Seungmin as your boyfriend. “Let me take care of you, darling” You awoke slowly to a dim room, illuminated merely by a lamp in the corner of the room, and the computer screen. This is, after all, Jack and Lawson's story. Maps - Dean x Reader - Angst 29 Feb 2016 Jealous: Jaebum Imagine (angst/fluff) [requested] Disclaimer: this gif isn't mine. here you are at your desk, doing some revisions you decided to do last minute. Enjoy! Masterlist in my bio ••• His finger rapidly tapped at the wooden table, his narrow eyes watching as she interacted with her boyfriend, laughing and dancing on the dance floor of the club. Imagines is the sweet and romantic second book/conclusion to the Imago series. “Let her go, Nik. I turned and saw that the noise belonged to my boyfriend of 6 months, Katsuki. Many exciting things for the rest of the month. I hope you all enjoy. It's been a while since I've done one of these, so here's another set of couple imagines that I thought fit Kagura and Dio really well! I hope you enjoy them! dub con, gore, abuse, non-con are some of the requests I will not take. 5k. Mar 13, 2020 · queenrogah:. I make south park imagines. “Hailey is doing great. he had gotten into a comfy position, ready to sleep. All types of posts for each member/each unit are linked by the name in the list, and specific ones are linked BTS Reactions - Making you cry during a fight (Angst) PART 1 . The girl is an overseas college student in america (currently taking international Warnings: angst, blood, description of murder. The next few hours passed by slowly and after being on the phone finalizing everything for the party you were exhausted. ” Said the doctor, as he came in to check up on Hailey. ———-Groaning, you rub your temples to keep the headaches at bay. Taurus: Concert tickets for you both to attend together and travel to, most likely rock band have-some-kookies-deactivated20. He didn’t trust those villains to treat his s/o well at all; he trusts them wholly, but the whole “undercover” business seemed like more trouble than it was worth. namjoon, imaginesbts, entretenimento. the last part will be the end of the plot and i guess the story i’ve had in mind for them this whole time, but i am definitely open to revisiting these characters for some drabbles in the future. NCT Dream Reaction To Their S/O Sitting On Another Member’s LapA/N: This was requested forever ago, and I’m so sorry I’m posting it just now, but I hope you enjoy my lovelies🥺 ️ Mark: • This baby lion wolfpack-imagines. Just a really good friend. pairing: jeon jungkook x female! reader, boyfriend! jungkook x sick! reader. au in which san is having a snowball fight and accidentally hits a smoking wooyoung. "Oh no" you heard your friend mutter before walking b Nov 12, 2017 · Hello guys!! I have created a Masterlist and I will keep updating it everytime I have a new post~ Hope you enjoy my stories <3 and I’ll reblog my updated masterlist every week because stupid me has [Angst] It’s Not That Simple – The reader is scared of commitment but Bucky’s tries to break down her walls. (Jeongin) as your boyfriend . you got the task 2 days ago but your lazy bum thought that he’d be considerate and will let you pass it in the following week. “fine, what do You stumbled upon the small black and white blog, your eyes darting from the gif of Sam Winchester to the paused-while-talking Dean icon before finally settling on the title of the blog. He was against it from the start. ” “No more. Dan Howell - Hurt (ANGST/FLUFF) Requested by anon: Can you do a oneshot where y/n gets in a fight with Dan and goes running off to calm down and gets hurt and Dan ends up with y/n at the hospital and angst? in my imagines blog? it may be more likely than you think. Chanyeol angst where his gf fainted in his arms!! Thank you. All types of posts for each member/each unit are linked by the name in the list, and specific ones are linked Changbin as your boyfriend (not yet) Hyunjin as your boyfriend. but all of a sudden he jumped up and walked out of the room quickly And then the drama came back to my life in the form of a boyfriend… who I broke up with three months after. God knows what could’ve happened. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna See, that’s what the app is perfect for. -He would not allow any one to disrespect you. REQUEST: Home [Nyx/Reader] Okay, so there’s very little chance that I’ll be able to post tomorrow, so that’s why I’ve been posting quite a bit the last day or so… I honestly tried to do a story about Prompt: Could you do a Batmom story where somethings happens to her, for example she gets kidnapped or gets in a car accident and the kids and Bruce’s reactions?And like, she isn’t immediately fine. PROMISE ME. Word Count: a little over 1. mod chi bnha headcanons bnha imagines mha headcanons mha imagines fluff angst au lime domestic todoroki x reader bakugo x reader luckily for you your boyfriend is Feb 02, 2020 · genre: angst/fluff. Pairing: Harry Styles X Reader “Are you alright, H ?” You asked your boyfriend, he looked paler than usual. I Broke Up With My Boyfriend For Damian Wayne. I own only the fake subs and the edit. You were Drv3 Angst Imagines · wherethegoodangstlives. for so long!! I’ve been dealing with a lot of personal shit right now but it’s getting better and I’m back! [11:34] “stop looking at me,” you hiss at boyfriend!seungyoun, who sat across you with a dopey smile. I will do Harry Potter ships, preferences, gif imagines, one shots, or prompts for any charcater and plot except for smut, just send me a request! Feb 22, 2020 · hii, no don’t worry, this is a perfectly valid question. boyxgirl, relationship, imaginesandpreferences. Finally, the day where you could see your Read Kiss me from the story crush\boyfriend imagines by Smol_Satan with 26,110 reads. request: hi can i request angst to fluff with jeonghan梁 maybe a fight or nightmare scenario, ty A/N: I know, I know, it’s been a while since I’ve been around and I’m sure all my followers have just stopped looking around for me but hi I’m back haha. Felix as your boyfriend. ” Replied Hailey, looking down to her hands. You can ask for whichever member you want next! Stray Kids scenarios. Long imagine just warning you no > BBMAs MASTERLIST > SPOOKY MASTERLIST > FAIRYTALE SMUT MASTERLIST BEAUTY AND THE BEAST ( jjk ). Requests: CLOSED! Please do NOT send in requests through the ask box. There was rapid pounding on the door as you stepped out of the shower. (Fluff, slight Angst, 5sos Imagines Depression - Michael Clifford You relapse into depression but don’t tell anyone because ‘people have it worse,’ when you finally tell Michael, he comforts you. which effects me in the sense that I work at a school… but it’s up to each individual district to actually close. as i writer, i’d just like to write some other ideas first before going back to hw if i ever do because i feel like i’ve been writing BTW, the plant from little shop of horror is called Audrey II or Twoey for short. You had no idea what kind of scenarios were running through his mind right now, but  16 Jun 2017 Hurt Genre: Romance/Slight Angst P. words: 763. This you had no problem with, but you did protest being left alone in the jeep because hello! horror movies were your favorite and you knew this Key: fluff; ☔ angst; crack; suggestive/light smut. requests are currently open and i would love to make friends, so don’t be shy! Boyfriend scenarios, preferences, and imagines including Until Dawn, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Adventure Time, Descendants, Marvel, and many more. Originally posted by obscure-imagines Keep reading jurassic world Jurassic world fic owen grady owen x reader owen grady x reader Jurassic world x reader pregnant!reader wife!reader fluff angst owen x reader fluff owen x reader angst owen grady fluff owen grady angst Jurassic world fluff Jurassic world angst Hey anon! So, it’s been a long time since I last posted on here and I do have plans to write and bring this back to life again. And at this point, I’m just trying to gain a sense of normalcy again. ” shawn mendes blurb Shawn Mendes Imagine shawn mendes shawn mendes fluff shawn mendes angst shawn  22 Feb 2017 Distance Jungkook x Reader Genre: Angst/Fluff Summary: You You weren't envious because you didn't have a boyfriend because, as a  10 Nov 2017 Mobile Masterlist scenarios - ✧ | imagines - ♡ | texts ♡[fluff] boyfriend! jeonghan. A/N: So my Soulmate AU writing extravaganza begins with Loki, my MCU husband. “This is she,” you say, already excusing yourself from the meeting you were in. Boyfriend! Yoongi (Pt. “ Yeah I am on my way home. Word Count: 1. First upload for my Christmas Specials Month, fuck yeah Basically, every day for the whole December, I will upload Christmas themed Imagines, Visuals, and preferences on my Band Member Imagines, my 5SOS work, and my Avengers Preferences and Imagines work. I’ve been a lousy boyfriend and a lousy My Masterlist A List of Prompts Awesome! Wow! My name is Emily, if you are truly curious. A/N: I’m sorry this took me so long! But it’s the longest part I’ve written so far! I hope that makes up for it. O. I CRYY. I also have a wattpad account, but I mainly post here. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THEM!!!! All the credit goes to the ones who made them! It will mostly be from the biggest fandoms like lotr/the hobbit, Supernatural, Sherlock, Teen Wolf and other imagines from other stuff I find too good to not reblog Let's say that the DR1 guys (+ Chihiro) have a crush on a girl who already has a boyfriend. Getting too lost in his revenge, he sets up a camera for evidence and a trap for you and your “new boyfriend” When you come home you instantly find yourself upside down in a weird net like bag; The usual suspect comes out with his typical evil smile and odd laugh; Once you see him you know it’s not anything serious, he does this a lot You practically pulled Sam and Dean into the building, and as soon as the woman behind the desk handing you the keys and before Dean paid her, you were out the door and at the room number, leaving Dean with his room key and taking yours and your boyfriend Sams with you. requested by: anon. "Supernatural imagines and one shots," you read, your gaze dropping lower and toward the description, where you found an amusing tale of what you had just done. I won’t forget our next date. imagines. ” “ Sorry babe. It’s good that you brought her in when you did. ” you spoke through the phone. Last night, you had been studying with your boyfriend when a rainstorm made it too difficult to get home. fluff, slight angst i guess. ” Sherlock was silent for a moment, studying your expressions. Don’t Put Me On the Back Burners (Angst) Putting Music Together ft. Please tell me what you think! Part 7 will follow soon! NCT and Ateez imagines - Ateez reaction angst 2 Read Ateez reaction angst 2 from the story NCT and Ateez imagines by Jiyeon-ssi with reads. Did you like this chapter? You sprung up and rushed at your boyfriend’s attacker, smacking him in the head forcefully, his body crumpling on the first shot; You helped Kokichi up, letting him lean on you as he seemed to cough a lung up. Hailey, you have a wonderful boyfriend. Imagines 30 Oct 2015 J-Hope Imagine(2) angst,cheat Your boyfriend called you to meet him at a cafe down the street. Seokjin knows you like him and decides to tease you a little bit You tell him you’re pregnant while he’s on tour Daily texts with boyfriend Seokjin You send nudes to another member by mistake Yoongi misses you while he’s on tour you pouted up at your boyfriend, yuri, who was looking down at you with that handsome, devilish smirk of his. M} Plot: you were a famous YouTuber and you were dating Jonah Marais. In the middle of the night, with yourself staring at the ceiling to the point that you couldn’t think of anything else except the thought of [Fluff] [Angst] [Smut] [Au] [Songfic] [Lgbtq+] [x Oc] [Text] [Series] Taeil ♡Nothing♡ Johnny ♡Nothing♡ Taeyong ♡Nothing♡ Yuta ♡Nothing♡ Kun ♡Nothing♡ Doyoung ♡Nothing♡ Ten ♡Nothing♡ Jaehyun ♡ But you’re mine ☞ Just some cute jealousy to a fluffy boyfriend . -Akashi would be the type of boyfriend to always put your needs before his. a soft chuckle exited through his thin lips before he drew away and Despite it being lunchtime, you were still in the classroom, getting lectured by your boyfriend. he merely smiles even brighter, and you groan. But you barely even got to take three steps from his desk before his face spontaneously combusted in a cherry flush. “What is the meaning of this?! Are you cheating on me?!” Tom shouted. well, it wasn’t last minute till your professor suddenly told your class to pass it before midnight this day. You knew what this was about. Worst breakup?” Tara asks, taking a big gulp from her glass. (Requests Currently Closed) BTS reaction to them accidentally saying something hurtful to their S/O - Thanks for the request! We hope you like it THANKYOU ANON U AND I ARE BROS NOW ️i’m so confused ppl actually enjoy reading my stuff tho. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THEM!!!! All the credit goes to the ones who made them! It will mostly be from the biggest fandoms like lotr/the hobbit, Supernatural, Sherlock, Teen Wolf and other imagines from other stuff I find too good to not reblog have-some-kookies-deactivated20. Originally posted by jjks. him, dreams, crush. Part 2 can be found here. All of SKZ: Cactus (humor, fluff) Woojin: none yet. Katsuki Bakugo: - He doesn’t realise that he’s missing some of his hoodies at first, since he never really wore them. this account was supposed to be a time passer and i genuinely did not believe i was going to get requests but now i’m swamped with them and i’m so happy people enjoy my writing! Promise (Fluff/Angst) Burning Up (Angs/Fluff) Beautiful Intern (Ft. [Angst with a fluffy ending] Draco malfoy x reader (Angst) Plis do an imagine where something major happens to the reader right after they break up and draco was the one who broke it off so he realises he still wants to be with dangan-ronpa-imagines FRIENDLY REMINDER ~ Eri I know it's been a year but I STILL LAUGH ABOUT IT OKAY she rlly is the worst kind of person aaaaaaaand I'm glad we exposed her I don't regret it she vilified mod panda and I am never going to forget that I am NEVER going to forget what she did ohhhh well carry on kiddies Mod Eri mod shenanigans day by day reader (g/n) + jooheon angst, fluff requested by anonymous warnings; mention of self harm “do you know what today is?” “friday?” “well, yes, but . there was people in the crowd who screamed and cheered their names something they hey, uh can I get some cheating!oikawa angst? [i love your blog btw!] Flashing yourself in the mirror a last sweet smile, you walked out of your home. : 3rd Warnings: Mentions of an abusive relationship (Nothing too heavy), Cursing (lots of it) Word  12 Nov 2017 Dense [Angst/ Fluff] Drunken Confession [Fluff] Drunken Confession Pt. ” Your mouth dropped open. “No, Tom this is all a misunderstanding! Let me explain!” You responded, walking he says he loves someone else ♡ | JIMIN IMAGINE | ⇒ MASTERLIST! ⇒ i take requests ()! just request which member(s), a plot, and reaction, imagine, or fake text bts stood backstage drinking from their water bottles as they could hear the interviewer now call out their name to bring them out for an interview. Imagine Damian Wayne getting you a giant gift just to flex. Imagines by characters: Survey corps: • Levi Ackerman • Erwin Smith • Hanji/Hange Zoe • Ouro Bossard • Petra Ral • Gunther • Mike Zacharias • Eren Jaeger • Mikasa Ackerman • Armin Arlert • Jean Thank you so much! I’m happy you like this blog and may I just say I am not the only one who does stuff, heck I barely do anything on the blog, haha. My ask is currently open for requests. “They… do not approve of my choices in life. 🖤Book full of imagines to live Y/N's life🖤 woosan - 𝒆𝒊𝒈𝒉𝒕 okay so like i'm back lol trigger warning i mean this could be a trigger angst angst af dominick sonny carisi sonny carisi imagine sonny carisi imagines law and order svu imagines law and order svu law and order svu imagine //Angst, smut, and a teeny bit of fluff sprinkled throughout// “Mrs. He would value you over himself. I may have started the blog but I get the feeling I won’t be the one doing too much on it. When the bell rang you had made the mistake of going over and grabbing Iida’s hand to walk with him to the cafeteria. 2k fuck me this was supposed to be a lot shorter but i couldn’t help myself . (Fluff, slight Angst, Could I request something similar to the angst cheating request for Hinata, but instead it's Oikawa who cheated on his gf. Words: 1544. Boyfriend Hoodies! (MHA Imagines) Originally posted by stardustshinning. [Angst] Kiss The Girl – Just two sleepy people, a singing hawkeye, and some fluff. You snorted at the conversation you were having with your friends. I hope you continue to enjoy the imagines anyway, the other mods are really good at writing them #Harry Styles Imagines # Harry Styles One Shot Soo our governor is urging schools to shut down statewide at least through the end of March due to coronavirus…. Accident from the story Crush/Boyfriend Imagines by WritingDuhh ( WritingDuh) with 8813 reads. Very little angst, lots of humour, lots of family, lots of lovelots of Rosemary. you had initially planned to spend a productive morning completing your report on a topic for your curriculum at the library, but apparently, you can’t do that when you have the ever so clingy seungyoun as your boyfriend. Jisoo [slight angst - fluff - good end] color me jealous 7 Aug 2017 "Yeah, I've been getting really distracted lately. Can I request their reactions if they discovered that the boyfriend was cheating on her? This was a arthur x pregnancy headcanons-when he find out that you’re pregnant, arthur is terrified-there are so many reasons behind it, both underlying and obvious, including how old he is, the circumstances of his job, and his intense need to be certain that you are alright at every given moment #Iwatobi-Imagines #haruka nanase #hiyori was so out of line in the last episode like what a dick #anyways heres smn cute #fluff #nsfw #vanilla #gender neutral reader #implied fellatio #amanda does an ask #free! iwatobi swim club [10:01] “i ate some yogurt. genre: fluff, established relationship, not really angst. love, boyfriend, crushimagines. It is a beautiful story that kept me engaged and entertained throughout. pairing: jeonghan x reader. Just as you were about to walk away with your head down, an arm is wrapped around your shoulders. [Fluffy humor] Promise – He made a promise he knew he couldn’t keep. All of BTS) (Little Angst/Fluff) Nervous to Leave (Parent!AU/ Fluff) Rapmon. Your internal voice is the voice of your soulmate’s, rather than your own. boyfriend imagines angst

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