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Eight Stack Intake Manifold Only (w/ Vacuum Plenum); Small Block Ford 289-302 . bluethunderauto. New and Used Automotive Parts and Accessories On Sale. Most Popular. 60 2pc. and . Add to cart More Details. 600" solid lifter cam, 108 lobes, 6" rods, offset ground May 05, 2015 · Original NASCAR Intake Manifold with Restrictors Removed 2. The dyno guy thought my intake was limiting the poiwer above 4500. They are fairly plentiful at swap meets and on E-bay and you can use off the shelf 600 Holleys with a repop linkage kit. Blue Thunder - Search by Product; Blue Thunder - Search by Engine Manufacturer Home/Blue Thunder/Blue Thunder - Search by Product. A picture of the #13006 intake adapter fitted with an Edelbrock 2991 intake manifold is shown down the page at right. ) Carl's Ford parts sells Ford parts and engine services including the 427 Wedge. I first started purchasing this manifold 13 years ago. Blue Thunder Auto. PreviousNext. alternator bracket for ford y-block t-5 conversion for f-100 f-250 ford trucks ford y-block camshafts and valve train. Dove. A low riser Ford intake would be my choice. Intake - Blue Thunder two 4 barrel intake Carbs - Two 660 center squirters Cam - 262/272 @. Since then there has been a few tweaks to the casting that have upped the performance. 40 Intake and 1. Let the pictures tell the story for you. It is pricey ($380) but you got low end and top end out of the package. 30 professional race aluminum cylinder head This head is designed for CNC Porting. Tony D. Baldy Pent Roof  When our 492" FE first went on the dyno, we were keen to use a dual plane intake manifold if possible, to maintain the sleeper appearance of the engine. Carburetion for gasoline is handled by Being that it is a two-plane manifold, that Blue Thunder, (Blue Thunder makes 3 dual-quad manifolds for the 385 engine), set-up runs very well on a street engine, (not a high RPM piece at all), using smaller Edelbrock carburetors or Holley 480 cfm mechanical secondary, single pumper carbs. so anything higher than a stock manifold won't fit, something nostalgic would be a plus, otherwise it's a Ford blue factory cast iron manifold. If I was going to high port the heads and fill the floors (not with those stupid looking intake gasket type tongues) with alloy tongues, the CHI air gap dual plane would be the ultimate in dual planes. 95. Blue Thunder 4V dual plane, 427MR ports 2. 128. 429/460 Ford Cylinder Heads. We can also supply you with a matching camshaft and intake. If you want the better low-end response of a dual plane intake, IMO put on a Blue Thunder or a $40 cast-iron M-code intake. In the picture below you'll notice holes above the intake ports for the push rods, intake ports, and passages for engine coolant. 20 results for blue thunder intake Save blue thunder intake to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. -RISE MANIFOLD, Late 60 s Ford Style. Do these come with instructions? If so, can someone scan and email them to me? I haven't had any luck getting hold of Blue Thunder, and the Ebay seller says he doesn't have them. As a  New Blue Thunder Hi-rise 3x2 intake manifold. Ford FE Dual Plane Four Barrel Intake Manifold. 1717 E. Blue Thunder Auto has several different Ford FE intake options available. 650" lift solid roller (1. Y Block 292-312. Blue Thunder heads flow like ported heads - - much better than stock. Blue Thunder has long been known as a leading manufacturer of high performance cylinder heads for 460 Ford high performance and racing engines. Apr 10, 2006 · - Blue Thunder 428CJ - Factory cast iron 428CJ - Factory PI Sure enough, the vacuum at the intake manifold runner is greater than the vacuum at the carb base Search for a Blue Thunder Intake. Holman & Moody is a Ford Performance Parts and Blue Thunder dealer. Blue Thunder 4V dual plane, 428CJ ports 3. The blue thunder is also high on the list of dual planes for Clevelands. The single plane 4v manifold offered by Jerry Christensen offers drag strip proven performance. . We used the new Blue Thunder medium riser   Another beautiful intake recreated by Blue Thunder Products. Excellent reproduction of the S2MS type 1966 Shelby style, large letter Cobra intake manifold. The Edelbrock 256 dual quad intake shows up regularly on EPay and with a pair of WCFB's will run fine on a 292/312. Blue Thunder aluminum 272-312 four barrel dual plane intake manifold. These kits include the new RPM Dual Quad Air-Gap intake, two 500 cfm Thunder Series AVS carburetors (one manual choke, one electric choke), Edelbrock high-tech progressive throttle About Us. Blue Thunder 429 CJ/SCJ Dual Quad Intake, $730. BLUE THUNDER FORD 292 312 Y Block Dual Plane 4 Barrel Intake Manifold - $535. Branda Shelby & Mustang Parts has been your source of restoration parts and accessories for 1965-73 Mustangs, 1965-70 Shelby and Cobras since 1975. When you block a person, they can no longer invite you to a private message or post to your profile wall. Blue Thunder 4. When 4160's are reversed like an when mounted on an FE dual quad manifold, they fit with a large cap distributor. I have been trying to find a Blue Thunder manifold for my 351C-4V with no success. been stored in a garage the last few years wrapped in plastic. There was enough meat on the intake that I could have port matched it to the 4V int ports of the heads but it would have been more work than I think it would have been worth. item *call to order 330-525-7291* price : complete systems include, new carbs,intake,linkage,fuel log, restored 68 gt40 tunnel port dual plane 2x4 715cfm carbs Dec 20, 2017 · Blue Thunder is closest to stock appearing, but a RPM would be next with all the markings removed. This The blue thunder is a very good intake for the Cleveland. Factory Supercharged Blue Thunder aluminum 272-312 four barrel dual plane intake manifold. Fully ported low potential over 400 cfm. Please call the EFI tech line for more information. Best Value. Blue Thunder Ford Intake Manifold Big Block FE 390-427-428 427 medium riser 2x4 barrel Sign up for our Newsletter Survival Motorsports 4202 Pioneer Drive Suite E Walled lake, MI. Find Intake Manifolds We are Blue Thunder and Ford Race Parts dealers. Wish List Compare. gerlecreek Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Blue Thunder Ford 351 Cleveland 4 Barrel Intake Manifold With Casting Number at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! I am looking at replacing the stock intake manifold on my 67 390GT engine. The ‘Mummert’ intake does not have the heat crossover passage so it’s visibly different when you look at it. Im not saying it's a bad manifold the blue thunder however it does leave some hp on table. In general, the best 351 4v intake is the out-of-production Holley Strip Dominator. Based on what Gary Burnette has passed on to me, the 2 nd design intake flows as well as the 1 st design intake after being extrude honed. Well known for excellent casting quality and excellent attention to detail, these cylinder heads, intake manifolds, and accessories are targeted toward Ford applications. This high rise intake manifold fits the Ford small block 289 & 302 engines. It is a dual plane, high-rise, increased plenum volume, large runner manifold similar in concept to the Weiand “Stealth” series of intake manifolds. Cnc Ported - $351. The conclusion was the blue thunder left a fair bit of hp on table. 25; Save ford y block intake manifold to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. The Blue Thunder is about 1" taller in height and are considered as an semi hi-rise intake. Vista Chino Road, A7-833 Palm Springs, CA 92262 TEL (760) 328-9259 . I have Moon cast valve covers on the car and it is looking like I need to clearance the manifold to get it to fit properly w/o touching them. Blue Thunder Aluminum Intake Valve Lash Procedure Stealth Aluminum Intake How To Make an Aluminum Shelby/Blue Thunder Intake Manifold Fit on a 71 429 Mustang with a Factory Ram Air Air Cleaner. The FE Weber intakes are still available from Blue Thunder and are visually stunning when assembled. Blue Thunder Products www. The BT (#M-429CJ-4V) and HM (#C8HM-9425-EA) manifolds are basically aluminum versions of the cast iron SCJ manifold. Pro-Filer recommends you use a Ford Racing intake with their heads for best performance results. 85 valve sizes, intake port flow approaching 580cfm, and they are a direct replacement for THOR II cast heads. Shop with confidence. Home/Blue Thunder/Blue Thunder - Search by Product/Intake Manifold/Ford Intake Manifolds. A favorite of the Cobra community, they are offered in either a straightmounting or a 15-degree inwardangled mounting for scoop clearance. thanks! Blue Thunder Intake Manifold 2X4 427 Medium Riser, 351C,390,427,428, Blue Thunder 2 x 4V Aluminum Intake Manifold for 427 with Medium Riser Heads. . My choices are: Blue Thunder Cobra Original Cobra Original SHELBY Edelbrock F4B Weiand 8011 Weiand 8020 Anyone one of these better than the others? Any other intakes better than these picks? MORE PICTURES OF INTAKE. 00. Carl's Ford parts sells Ford parts and engine services including the 427 Wedge. which is just across from detroit. Apr 17, 2012 · were very close with the unported Blue Thunder intake lagging by maybe 15 HP There are several differences that may account for the better (or less bad) performance of the unported Blue Thunder this time around: 1. > I suggest you read the old magazine article with the intake manifold > shoot-out in it. Designed to improve performance on the street or racetrack, this ma Find Intake Manifolds, Carbureted with Single plane Intake Style and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Intake Manifold, Mid Rise, Single Jan 21, 2014 - 289 302 Ford COBRA Edelbrock 2x4 Holley Cross Ram Intake Manifold - gasser . New reproduction by Blue Thunder. They did have some idle quality issues with the Torker on some of the tests. Factory Supercharger Blue Thunder Ford 292 312 Y Block 4 Barrel Intake Manifold. I am considering getting a Blue Thunder intake as it seems to be highly recommended on numerous forums and more closely matches the stock appearance than something like the Performer RPM. Intake flow ratings on the Pro-Filer heads run over 520 CFM, making them great for street, marine or racing applications. 48390 *Back in stock* The Blue Thunder aluminum 272-312 four barrel dual plane intake manifold. FPP 4145 (mfg by Blue Thunder) 351 C-4V (p/n 4145) - high rise dual plane with Holley carb bolt pattern. This is the same intake that Ford had dealers install on 56-7 TBirds and a lot were also sold over the counter. We are Blue Thunder and Ford Race Parts dealers. Blue Thunder Weber 48 IDA intake 5. its painted blue ut showing some light rust/paint wear. *NEW* BLUE THUNDER Ford 292 312 Y Block Dual Plane 4 Barrel Intake Manifold - $884. If you want to spin your Cleveland 4v and make great higher end power get a Holley Strip Dominator or a Parker FunnelWeb. Unfollow blue thunder intake to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. Hazardous Material Warning Hey guys, im building a 429, ported stock 429 police interceptor heads, 10. Oct 07, 2013 · I'm trying to decide on which intake manifold to use. So that's more money and I understand. New Blue Thunder Ford 292 312 Y Block Home · Catalog · About Us · Find a Dealer · Contact Us. (1) Blue Thunder 351 Cleveland Intake Manifold, with casting numbers. Small Block. This listing is for a Blue Thunder aluminum 272-312 four barrel dual plane intake manifold. Select Page. All i was saying if you have to buy a manifold anyway the Torker is still available and can and does make good The engine was so much more responsive down low and just flat out ripped up top. Looking for one of you guys with first hand info about the height of the Air Gap and the Blue Thunder manifold about which one is taller. Intake Manifold Adapter Plate. If you get 4v heads and want a fantastic all-around intake get the Blue Thunder, it is very comparable to the Edelbrock RPM manifold on a 302w. a while back and am just getting around to installation. C $931. Buy a new Edelbrock Dual Quad RPM Air-Gap Intake Manifold and Thunder AVS 500 CFM Carburetor Kit with an EnduraShine Finish for your 289 or 302 Engine from CJ Pony Parts. Discover Y Block Intake Manifold on sale right here with the biggest variety of Y Block Intake Manifold anywhere online. asking $150CAN shipping from amherstburg ontario N9V 4C9. If you are going to put new valves in the Blue Thunders, I have seen a flow gain with a 2. Edelbrock 8508 Intake Manifold Bolt Kit For Ford 360-390 C. Its hard to improve. 10 gears with 29. I purchased a Blue Thunder from John M. New air cleaner/filter. They are about $320. Manifolds are guaranteed to be free from defects, cracks, stripped threads or excessive milling and/or porting at time of purchase unless defect is discussed prior to purchase. 4L/390 Ford big block FE Intake Manifold Gaskets and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Intake Manifold Gaskets, Thor Blue Thunder Blue Thunder Dual Plane Intake with Different Plenum Divider and Spacer Combinations. I've never tried any other intake besides the Blue Thunder and the Funnelweb, but I don't think there is a point in my powerband (3800-7300) that the Funnelweb would fall below the Blue Thunder. Jul 25, 2014 · This feature is not available right now. For All Ford Cars and Trucks. Blue Thunder Menu. There is a cast, 4 barrel , single plane FRPP Motorsport C460 manifold. They feature 2. If you do not see the item you are looking for  Manifolds are guaranteed to be free from defects, cracks, stripped threads or excessive B. The PME 2x4 manifold pictured with a Blue Thunder Cobra top, K&N filter and Blue Thunder bottom. 123456   Intake Manifolds. I have personally seen this manifold pickup 32 hp without giving up low end Blue Thunder Ida 351 Windsor Weber Intake Manifold. Our billet big block Ford is the premium cylinder head for Big Block Ford engines. 75, it took some work on gaskets to get it to seal I widened my ports too, the SD had been widened a hair on the manifold, so I did the heads to match. Question: Blue Thunder 2x4 intake. It is a CNC machined Blue Thunder aluminum intake and its a improved knock off of the Shelby performance intake from back then. PART # 8383 FOR Y-BLOCK. I would like to point out that in that same article an unmodified version of the Blue Thunder manifold came in a close second place in terms of peak horsepower. Ford Fe 390 - 428 Blue Thunder Intake Manifold Bolts Gr 8 Allen New. com We are the latest Michigan home base for Blue Thunder performance products. Ford Intake Manifolds. Blue Y 4 Thunder 292 312 Block Supercharger Manifold Intake Barrel Ford Factory Supercharger Blue Thunder Ford 312 Intake Factory Block Y 292 Barrel Manifold 4 Doug, you have quoted the intake manifold comparison article published in the October 1993 issue of Super Ford magazine several times lately. A fourth test was done by Jack Butler. For All 390-428 FE big blocks w/low or Cobra Jet heads. PART # DP9425-HR HIGH RISE 4BBL INTAKE MANIFOLD. Blue Thunder Ford 385, 429, 460 Dual Quad Intake Manifold. Blue Thunder Performance offers several different performance 429/460 cylinder heads, each made from A356 aluminum. The manifolds were often tested in port matched or internally ported form, leading to over 50 different intake manifold configurations. That was a dyno test conducted by Ford Power Parts which provided three different FPP part number versions of the Blue Thunder dual plane. The Blue Thunder manifold acquitted > itself very well. Top Rated Products. PART # DP9425-LR LOWERED CARB PAD 4BBL INTAKE MANIFOLD for THUNDERBIRDS. BLUE THUNDER FORD 292 312 Y Block 4 Barrel Intake Manifold - $575. Intake manifold selection depends on how you intend to build and use your Cleveland. The Blue Thunder 460 cylinder head is available in six configurations. 5" tall tires. This is the air cleaner base I modified for the 429CJ/SCJ ram air Mach 1. Edelbrock F262 dual plane, for Edelbrock/Carter carbs 9. Home · Catalog · About Us · Find a Dealer · Contact Us . More things that set this manifold (A few more important things: The intake ports on this manifold are designed to fit right on a 289, 302 cylinder head, and run! Manifold holds the look of a original Ford intake manifold! 1) CNC Machined 289, 302 8V Dual Quad Intake Manifold. Listed below the items that we normally stock. When I took the old Edelbrock off and compared it to the Blue thunder and the stock steel one, it was a huge difference dimensionally. More things that set this manifold Mattsy: Which choice for the intake may depend on your use. The Blue Thunder, dual-quad manifolds are "dual plane" and they are offered in both standard port size and CJ port size. mustangsunlimited. The medium riser head is usable with bowl and port clean up but benefits from chamber profiling. The next one down is the Blue Thunder. I currently have an Edelbrock performer 4v intake manifold on my 351c-4v engine and I am looking for a better performing intake. Blue Thunder intakes are still available. PME has again opened up  FE SS-polished oil fill tube for Intake manifolds equipped with oil fill tube. Apr 14, 2004 · I finally bought one of those Blue Thunder Intake Manifolds that are now being reproduced (www. 20-inch valve. bruce young's y-block magazine ordering info Blue Thunder came in second (hung in there well against the Strip Dominator) and the Torker was last. BLUE THUNDER FORD Cobra Jet 429 Dual Quad Intake Manifold - $750. Dove 8V tunnel wedge single plane 7. C1AZ9424MRTW. The sizing of the bores in the ‘B’ intake are smaller than that of many of the newer carbs and will require either a spacer or the bores in the intake itself appropriately enlarged so that the carb can open freely or without restriction. 050 dur. All have an improved "Cobra Jet" intake port which is capable of peak flow in the 410 cfm range. i. 00 Edelbrock 7505 Intake Manifold Dual Quad Dual Square Bore Dual Plane For Ford Fe. The engine was a 377 cube 351C stroker (0. Dove 8V tunnel ram 8. Given a quick cleanup with a sanding roll, the Blue Thunder intake ports flow up to 360 cfm at 28 inches of water using a 2. You can find those on ebay every so often for ~$400. 16. Oct 02, 2015 · However, the Blue Thunder manifold will equal the Edelbrock Air Gap manifold on the top end if you block the manifold exhaust heat passage (+20 horsepower above stock), while performing better in the mid-range because it is a true dual plane manifold. Blue Thunder Cobra Jet style aluminum cylinder head Still the best street/strip Ford big block cylinder head on the market today. More extensive pro porting can get these passages higher Edelbrock Performer RPM Dual Quad Air-Gap manifold and carburetor kits provide everything needed to convert from a single carburetor intake to a powerful dual-quad carburetor intake system for small block Chevys. The Shelby intake is a copy of the Boss 351 intake but with a square-bore carb. You should still inspect your casting and if there’s issues with gas/porosity in pertinent areas such as water jacket and/or holes going from pushrod to port like we commonly find with other manufacturers. This is an exact copy of the original Ford Medium Riser 427-428 Interceptor dual plane manifold. com There are two intakes. Sep 30, 2009 · > Before it was the Blue Thunder Intake Manifold We knew it as the > Shelby manifold Does anyone know which came first, the Holman Moody or Shelby 351C-4V high rise? As I understand it, the Blue Thunder 351C-4V intake is based on the Holman-Moody high rise dual plane 351C intake. I am going to try to get a Blue Thunder. Joe-JDC The guy that milled my heads milled them to 11. IDT-572 on I am replacing the stock intake manifold on S/N 4503 with a aluminium Blue Thunder Intake Manifold, I purchased from Hall Pantera. There is only one company that sells the Blue Thunder intake new. The intake manifold is the last, and arguably the most important, part of your engine’s air intake tract. The new John Mummert intake and the Blue Thunder intake both take the modern carbs without issue. 2X4 351Windsor Intake. 1. Blue Thunder also makes a decent 2x4 intake but it's a bit pricey. Holley carburetors powered every Monster Energy NASCAR® Cup team and nearly every NHRA® Pro–Stock champion for four decades. Big Block 429, 460. You can't re-engineer the 4V intake port to perform better. Block Ford Intake, D5TE9425MB, Blue Thunder Ford 351 I got a Blue Thunder 4V 428 CJ intake manifold off Ebay a few months past, but there wasn't any instructions in the box. Hope this Intake Manifold - Ford "Blue Thunder" medium rise dual quad intake - 427ci . 2. By Robert Myhrer. Which one would be the best choice, the blue thunder or the edelbrock performer rpm air gap? I know the air gap is for 2v heads but I read on edelbrock's website that Search for a Blue Thunder Intake. One intake manifold feature that comes to the forefront on the aftermarket four barrel dual plane intakes is a slot in the divider located directly under the secondary  A Ford Motorsport M9424 A331 high port aluminum Intake manifold by Jack Roush The Edelbrock F-351 2V (left) and Blue Thunder (right) intake manifolds . the only cast intake for the thor head is the blue thunder dominator base single 4 intake which is a very trick 2 piece intake that can be split down the center to allow for a much easier porting job on the interior of the manifold. You will drop some weight however. There is an FRPP Motorsport A460 manifold and 2 EX514 manifolds for the A460, too. They require the Edelbrock carbs which I'm sure was a calculated move by E-bock. Shop our group of dual quad manifold now! Blue Thunder - $750. Home Blue Thunder Aluminum Intake Valve Lash Procedure Stealth Aluminum Intake. This model of the Blue Thunder manifold, has special machining on the carburetor mounting base, to level out the carburetor in a Pantera Aug 28, 2007 · HOWEVER, since your a Galaxie guy, there is an exception to this rule and that would be for the FE motors. The carb is the 750 vacuum secondary Holley which has proven to be a solid performer on this engine in past tests. FPP 4145B (mfg by Blue Thunder) 351C-4V (p/n 4145B) - high rise dual plane with Holley carb bolt pattern - same as FPP 4145 except the heat risers are blocked, the plenum divider is cut down one inch and the carb flange enlarged Jan 15, 2004 · If you keep the 2v heads use the Weiand intake manifold. 5:1, small solid cam, will be used with a C6 automatic. If you do not see the item you are looking for give us a call at 704 583 2888. That is exactly what Terry told me it would do. is the performer rpm style manifold a better choice 351C-4V Edelbrock Performer vs Blue Thunder intake comparsion & Fitech. steel billet and aluminum flywheels . Edelbrock Part # 7564 RPM Air-Gap 351C intake manifold design utilizes the same race-winning technology that’s been used on Edelbrock’s Victor Series competition intakes for many decades. Not for GM style "spread bore" carbs or early Holley Teapot, Rochester or WCFB Carter. Its in the Wiki. PME stocks these parts as a convenience to our customers. Tunnel Wedge 2x4 Medium Riser. 00 EA. One of the manifolds Blue Thunder offers is a dual-plane 428 Cobra Jet manifold for a single four-barrel carburetor. 23 Mar 2018 Professional and fast replacement of intake manifold gaskets Modern sealing systems have to deal with more aggressive media, higher . The Great FE Intake Comparo is the result of four years of dyno testing, where nearly forty different intake manifold types were evaluated on six different engines, ranging in power from 350 to 675 horsepower. 2V Carburetor Flange Gasket; Boss 429 Valve Cover (reproduction) 100cc Ford Raised Exhaust Cylinder Head The 351C intake manifold sold by Blue Thunder Auto is based upon the 351C manifold that was available from Shelby/Autosport Products back in 1970. Dove 4V single plane 6. If you have a street going 390/427LR/428 FE and you are on a limited budget an iron 428CJ intake is one of the best all-around performing FE intakes and was only recently surpassed by the Blue Thunder intake. Mike's ported Blue Thunder has a flat pad which may harm the wet flow characteristics of the manifold. Twin four barrels on a V8 make a statement. y-block true roller timing sets. www. 2105 Only. Saved from r Engine Porn - Porn For Gearheads - blue blow yes! Find FORD 6. Blue Thunder FE. Blue Thunder vs SCJ intake. I have a 302 with 10. The Blue Thunder Dual Plane intake is the best for the money. These heads are available in either solid no water, full water, or full water with dry deck (pictured) Still don't know how I got it that cheap from them. Competition ford FE valve covers . I have found a IM-428CJ-D Blue Thunder intake but according to the Blue Thunder website it is a highrise manifold. What is the reason that you cannot run the stock PCV system with the Blue Thunder intake? I am a body guy buy trade and i am just starting to learn about the FE engine, so please excuse me if i might ask a seemingly stupid question on occasion. Edelbrock 7535 289-302 Small Block Ford Dual Quad Intake Manifold. This intake manifold, like all FE intake manifolds, is a "wet" (coolant flows through it) intake that extends under the valve covers when installed. New linkages made from  1. Have been running a Tripower:mid 13´s / 105 mph with narrow street radials. Our combinations are proven. a Blue Thunder intake and a 780 vac sec Holley. is a better choice for the street than the Edlebrock Performer due to better driveability at part throttle Feb 07, 2014 · Video of two full throttle shifts on a Ford 466 with ultra rare 6V carburetion. 159. All single planes. How to Modify a Common 429 Air Cleaner Base into a Ram Air version to work with a Stealth Aluminum 429 SCJ Intake Manifold Jan 18, 2018 · Need an intake manifold that fits under the hood of a 73 cougar convertible. Factory 8V A/C Top (2) Solid billet aluminum threaded V/C caps (1) Bullet alum cap with PVC valve (1) Billet alum cap with V/C to air cleaner fitting Blue Thunder aluminum 351 Cleveland four barrel dual plane intake manifold. The manifold is designed to be used with both OE and aftermarket aluminum cylinder heads. Classic Blue Performance . $957. protect that aluminum intake. Please try again later. It's an excelent singleplane manifold (dont let the name scare you, it BLUE THUNDER FORD 292 312 Y Block 4 Barrel Intake Manifold - $575. I bought one from MustangsUnlimited about three months ago and still no notice on when will it be available/shipped. The Blue Thunder high-riser port is intentionally cast small, so that the Ford FE Engine builder can extensively port it by hand or CNC machine. Street engines operating between 2,000 and 5,500 rpm generally call for a dual-plane intake manifold, which offers longer intake runners that enhance lowto mid-range torque. Appearing similar to stock heads from the outside, this lightweight cylinder head is a bolt on replacement for production CJ and SCJ iron heads. Inglese sells a package with the Blue Thunder intake and carbs ready to install. My next question is whether the Blue Thunder intake will make much of a difference for me. Thunder 292 Supercharger Block Factory Ford Y Intake Barrel Blue Manifold 4 312 Thunder Blue Factory 292 4 Manifold Barrel 312 Block Supercharger Y Ford Intake The only slight problem is that with either "A's" or "C's" you would also need to change pistons, intake manifold, and pushrods. He my Blue Thunder for a dyno test against an Offy 360 and an Edelbrock Performer. 52 X 1. You should still inspect your casting and if there's issues with gas/porosity in pertinent   RISE MANIFOLD, Late 60�s Ford Style. 625” diameter exhaust valves. This manifold is similar to what you might have been able to buy over the counter from Ford in the 1960 s. 5 hp @6000 RPM. Thanks. These are decent intakes and will allow a little more rpm than a Performer. No more guess work. Another beautiful intake recreated by Blue Thunder Products. steel gears arp fasteners for y-block engines. Add to Cart. Cnc Ported Intake Manifold, S Hort, Stage 3, For Ida And Epc, Dunebuggy And Vw. The FE Power #13103 intake adapter is designed to fit the later Blue Thunder medium riser heads. Find great deals on eBay for 4 barrel intake and 4 barrel intake manifold. Blue Thunder FE Cylinder Head Tech Data - Updated! A bolt on replacement for production heads, designed to flow much better, and allow flexibility with further modifications. Switching to a Blue Thunder or Holman Moody single 4V intake probably won't make much difference. d. This beautiful casting that has been shot peened with stainless steel to keep a natural bright aluminum finish that won't change colors and rust, un-like the M*****t manifold. (A few more important things: The intake ports on this manifold are designed to fit right on a 289, 302 cylinder head, and run! Manifold holds the look of a original Ford intake manifold! 1) CNC Machined 289, 302 6V (3-2) Intake Manifold. 00 / ea  attention to detail, these cylinder heads, intake manifolds, and accessories are targeted toward Ford applications. Which manifold should I use? I have two 351c intake manifolds that most of you 351c afficionados will recognize, the mid-rise dual plane Blue Thunder manifold and the Parker Funnel web. Note I am leaning towards the Blue Thunder, but i want to run the stock PCV system so it looks mostly stock. Why buy a set of heads with the wrong parts when we can build you a custom ported set of heads complete, ready to bolt on with the right parts. $1420. Otherwise it’s stock other than what’s being called the 2 nd design manifold. This beautiful casting that has been shot peened with stainless steel to keep a natural bright aluminum finish. thanks Peter. The large port opening does limit intake manifold selection—only the Blue Thunder dual-plane intakes and the Edelbrock Victor have enough material to match the runner size without welding. I have personally seen this manifold pickup 32 hp without giving up low end The biggest plus it looks like a standard intake from the outside. I just wanted to touch base with the experts and make sure I wasn't overlooking something obvious. 55 roller rockers were used to reduce lift for street driving) Headers - 2" Crites (64 Galaxie headers) 36 degree total advance timing The results for this engine were a peak of 600. View Details. Uses 3. Took som photos of the difference between the Performer intake (idle-5500rpm) and the Blue Thunder (idle to 6800rpm). if you live in the northern latitudes or intend to drive outside of summer months, a Blue Thunder may be your best choice, as it has a crossover for some under carb heat, other wise it's open, possibly dependent on shipping costs. When I measured I believe I needed another 1/2-3/4" to make it work. 94 Exhaust Valves Custom Made Reproduction ‘Blue Streak” Tires Interior The HILBORN 429/460 injector requires the use of a straight cut Blue Thunder Weber style manifold which can be supplied by HILBORN or by you. Ford SK 6V 3x2 Intake with Holley List 4782/4783 mechanical progressive carburetors. com). It's horsepower in the upper ranges (4,100-7,500rpm) were only beat by a Strip Dominator, but it makes up with low end torque. Reproduction of the original hi-rise aluminum intake manifold for use with Holley 3x2 carbs. I am running 2,75 rear gears for overall driveability, as I like to drive the car also for longer distances. Blue Thunder 8V dual plane, 427 MR ports 4. Blue Thunder aluminum 351 Cleveland four barrel dual plane intake manifold. Cobra 289-302 Intake Manifold by Blue Thunder. 3:1 compression, AOD trans, and 4. Blue Thunder Ford 385 429 460 Dual The car I am looking for a manifold for is a 1977 Cobra II I had to remove the carb spacer plate from the factory 2 barrel manifold to get my Cobra Oval air cleaner under the cowling lip. Nov 23, 2014 · The intake manifold being used for this test is the Mummert aluminum intake which is being used in lieu of the Blue Thunder intake simply due to the lack of a slot in the plenum divider. May 07, 2010 · heres an original 428CJ cast intake. *Back in stock* The Blue Thunder aluminum 272-312 four barrel dual plane intake manifold. The Blue Thunder reminds me a lot of an Edelbrock Performer RPM, while the Parker Funnel Web reminds me of a Holley Strip Dominator. Edelbrock’s Victor intake or the factory Ford 2X4V “tunnel wedge” intake are typical choices for high horsepower engines, while the factory medium riser dual plane 2X4V intake (or Blue Thunder’s version) is down just a little on horsepower, but up on mid-range torque. They do come up regularly on ebay and supposedly Blue Thunder had just reproduced another batch within the last year. 11 I saw a post by Dan Jones earlier in the day about the flow characteristics of the Blue Thunder intake manifold being less that optimal in its stock form. Tunnel Wedge 2x4. Managed to buy a new Medium Riser Blue Thunder Manifold, was advertised in Ebay. Anyway, I wanted to know which Jun 26, 2004 · 351C carb and intake manifold question. Wonder if the engine mounts have anything to do with it. As Oct 26, 2011 · Does anyone at all know which of the Blue Thunder intakes are best suited to fit a 69 R-code with a shaker? I have a Edelbrock performer RPM on it now and I know it is wrong for the carb alignment. Holley® has been the undisputed leader in fuel systems for over 100 years. On a dead stock smaller cubic inch engine, the stock iron ECZ-B intake will have stronger low-end torque numbers but if you’re after passing gear performance or do a lot of spirited driving, then the BT intake will still shine in the upper rpm band. intake manifold, or sheet metal manifold. ford6v. There are four different high-rise intake manifolds for the 428 CJ engines and four more medium-rise manifolds for the 427 FE engines. You could also use the Blue Thunder Dual Quad, Blue Thunder Webber, Blue Thunder Blower or the Weiand Stealth intake manifold. SKU NG4019. diameter intake valves and 1. 0L/429 Intake Manifolds, Carbureted and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Intake Manifold Top Cover, R-Series A460, Dual dual quad intake the blue thunder dual quad intake will only fit the standard 460 head or the CJ head when the intake is ported. BES Racing Engines now offers complete cylinder head packages. Mar 12, 2004 · The Blue Thunder is mighty pricey and doesnt buy you much over a stock cast iron intake for general driving. Find FORD 7. 67. I read that the Holley Street Dominator is in some cases worse than the stock intake manifold, which is why I wanted to buy a Blue Thunder intake as I have an opportunity to purchase one at a good price. Details. Anyway, I ordered it to try on my 351C 4V heads. Dan since I have on Home/Blue Thunder/Blue Thunder - Search by Product/Intake Manifold Adapter Plate/Ford/Small Block 302 to 351W Adapter Plate/289 302 351W/Adapter Plate - Discount available when purchased along with manifold inquire/Blue Thunder Intake Manifold Adapter Plate Pony Carbs told me a Blue Thunder aluminum low rise intake manifold . It has very large "as Optimizing the Blue Thunder Intake January 29 2012 at 8:30 PM hawkxr7 (Login hawkxr7) Member from IP address 67. SBC Chrome Intake Manifold Bolt Kit . OBO BIG BLOCK 390-427-428 - DUAL QUAD 390-427-428 ALUMINUM INTAKE MED. 300" intake, but the chamber needs to be opened up to match and make it work. When our 492" FE first went on the dyno, we were keen to use a dual plane intake manifold if possible, to maintain the sleeper appearance of the engine. One with the provision for the heat riser and one without. It’s here where the air or air/fuel mixture that exits the throttle body or carburetor respectively is distributed to each individual cylinder head intake port. 351 C Blue Thunder Competition Valve cover. This was on a vert. what is the best intake to use? i am leaning towards the blue thunder 2x4, but i hear the performance is weak. They won't fit with your ram air. Because this intake was designed for early cylinder heads, port matching may be required if using the newer aluminum Super Cobra Jet or Kaase P51 heads. From a performance standpoint, it's going to depend on what your intentions are for the engine. Edelbrock F427 4V dual plane 10. 66" Exhaust Valves - Port Matched To Intake; Rocker Arms: T & D Aluminum Roller Rocker Arm Assembly; Intake: Blue Thunder Aluminum Intake Manifold  6 Jul 2015 Do you know the difference between a Single and Dual Plane intake manifold? Edelbrock is here to clear that up and make sure you have the  11 Nov 2017 for Roadkill Garage's Vanishing Paint 1970 Dodge Challenger by installing the intake manifold and giving you plenty of advice as they go. com www. Home; About Us; Catalog; Contact Us; Dealers. Part Number 13103: FE Intake Adapter for later Blue Thunder Medium Riser Heads. Oct 18, 2009 · For instance, those who are looking at maximum power for today’s Y Block would first look to the new “Blue Thunder” single 4v intake, or perhaps a reworked 1957 4v Ford manifold. The SCJ cast iron intake you are using is a good piece. Same as our standard 2x4 Big Block intake, except this one features COBRA JET sized ports. I've seen two different Shelby 351C-4V intakes. New Blue Thunder Hi-rise 3x2 intake manifold New factory list number 2881/2882 Holley tri-power carburetors New air cleaner/filter New linkages made from original Ford tooling New fuel log made from original Ford tooling New intake rear cover plate Hi. PLEASE READ ENTIRE LISTING, AS THIS IS A MAJOR PURCHASE This is a premium CNC machined Blue Thunder Dual Plane, Dual Quad Intake Manifold with Holly carburetor flange, Cobra Jet Big Block Ford ports and heat riser on bottom. The new ‘Mummert’ intake is subtly better in performance than the Blue Thunder but not enough to make you go out and replace your Blue Thunder intake if you already have one. We would be happy to special order any of their products for you. the casting number is C8OE-9425 C. Dual-Plane. I first started purchasing this manifold 12 years ago. y-block gaskets. MSD DISTRIBUTORS . dscmotorsport. 19. New factory list number 2881/ 2882 Holley tri-power carburetors. Aug 12, 2008 · Hot Rods Ford 429/460-best intake manifold for high HP? Sell the dual quad stuff and save up for a set of aluminum CobraJet or Blue Thunder heads and go from Some pictures of my new intake manifold. (unless you are retired you won’t have enough time to port these heads by hand. Same as our standard 2x4 Big Block intake, except this one features COBRA JET   29 Dec 2008 Can I install the Blue Thunder using the install instructions for the Ede RPM manifold? KC puts a nice black silicone bead around the intake. manifold clamps. Blue Thunder - Search by Product; Home/FE Ford Parts/Intake Manifolds/Dove. Intake manifold is a Blue Thunder unit that’s been simply port matched to the heads. This was quite a few years ago but when I was running a Cleveland I had a Blue Thunder intake on it and wanted to install ram air. blue thunder intake manifold

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